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Do you feel tired, stressed, unhappy with your weight, physical pain and/or unmotivated to get out of bed in the morning?

Are you frustrated by the amount of money and energy you’ve invested on methods that have given you false hope, are not sustainable and often leave you feeling worse than when you started?

What if there was a low-cost, high-return solution that can address most, if not all the challenges you currently face. Would it be worth reading on and learning more?

At Healthletica we are real people just like you. We have felt your pains and understand your frustrations. It is because of these pains and frustrations that we have put together the resources needed, backed by top experts and a supportive community, to positively influence how you look, feel and perform each and every day.

We have put thought and love into all we do, including the memberships we offer you.

Our 1 year membership has been created with powerful intentions. We ask you to make a commitment because we understand that change takes time and dedication. By saying yes to our 1 year membership, you are saying yes to taking action and making a commitment to create a better version of yourself.

This investment in your health comes with all the tools you need to make change possible, PLUS a few awesome perks

  • Unlimited yoga for the lowest price – we know you work hard for your money, so we work hard to make this healthy lifestyle choice affordable (and add extra value as you’ll see reading further).
  • A 60 day hold period – we know life gets in the way so we want to offer you a membership that is as flexible as you aspire to be. Feel free to put this membership on hold for up to 60 days or split it into two 30 day periods if need be.
  • 10% off merchandise – including healthy snacks, yoga mats and accessories, dΓ©cor, natural skin care, jewelry and more!

If you are interested in learning more about our other membership and class pass options, click HERE for some great info that will guide you in the right direction with us.

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