Yoga Schedule

Healthletica employs some of the top yoga instructors in the industry. We do NOT believe in offering a cookie-cutter approach to yoga, nor do we believe in forcing our instructors to adopt a specific style of teaching.

Each Healthletica instructor is free to use their own unique teaching style and adapt their classes to their particular students. That way, every instructor at Healthletica provides a one-of-a-kind yoga experience – one that is educational, diverse, inspiring and motivating – to enhance your quality of life.

Check out the awesome variety of classes we have to offer you…

Yoga Classes

Hot Hatha

Hot Hatha classes consist of a unique hatha yoga flow designed to build strength and improve stability, flexibility and balance. It’s a challenging and exhilarating form of yoga that gets your heart pumping while it calms your mind and reduces stress.

Hot Hatha is suitable for all levels. Heated class.

Hot Yin

Yin yoga is perfect for those who experience tightness anywhere in the body; those who spend most of their day sitting behind a desk; and/or those who are active in sport.

This class is a slow, deep practice that increases flexibility by stretching common tight areas of the body. This is a relaxing and rejuvenating form of yoga where poses are held for several minutes, allowing for new depths in postures, greater range of motion and an increased flow of energy. The perfect complement to Hatha Yoga classes.

Hot Yin is suitable for all levels. Heated class.

Karma – donation-based class

Karma classes at Healthletica are donation-based yoga classes that support different local charities and non-profit organizations. All proceeds raised from these classes will go to the charity or non-profit organization we are supporting that month.

A minimum donation of $10 is greatly appreciated.

Fitness Class

Functional Mobility & Fitness

Functional Mobility & Fitness classes will focus on mobility, strength & endurance with no equipment required. These classes will implement exercises that will not only build strength and mobility in the movement patterns we use on a daily basis, but also target the muscles we SHOULD be using for these types of activities. Not using the correct muscles and movement patterns are why so many people suffer with pain and discomfort as they age and pass it off as “just a part of getting older”.

Functional Mobility & Fitness classes are for you if:

  • you experience chronic joint and muscle pain
  • you sit most of the day and constantly feel “tight”
  • you have a hard time doing day to day activities like climbing stairs, unloading groceries from the car, playing with your kids/grandkids, etc …
  • you are struggling with strength, mobility, balance and/or endurance in your yoga practice and/or other sports/activities.
  • you are holding onto extra body fat and dealing with a sluggish metabolism
  • your body appears “flabby” and “untoned”

Functional Mobility & Fitness classes can help to:

  • decrease joint and muscle pain
  • lessen “tightness” throughout your body
  • increase your quality of life and provide ease with daily activities
  • improve your yoga practice and other activities/sports you partake in
  • increase your metabolic rate which equals healthy fat loss
  • improve and maintain bone mineral density
  • add lean muscle to your body for a “toned” and “firm” look

Functional Mobility & Fitness Classes are unheated and suitable for all levels.

Modifications will be provided for all exercises to make them easier or harder based on your current fitness level.

No equipment required. No shoes allowed (class will be done barefoot or with socks if you prefer). Please bring a yoga mat, towel and water bottle.

Your yoga membership or package can be used to book this class.

To find out when these classes take place, check out our online schedule.