Yoga Schedule

At Healthletica, we live in the real world, just like you.

For some practitioners, yoga is a spiritual path leading to enlightenment. For some, it’s an all-or-nothing way of life. Others view hot yoga as the ultimate endurance test.

While we respect people at both extremes of the yoga/hot yoga spectrum, we fall somewhere in the middle. That’s why we refer to our approach to hot yoga as a “progressive” form of yoga.

We created Healthletica for real people living in the real world. Parents leading busy lives who are trying to do too much. People who are glued to their computers for too many hours each day. People who, when stressed, may eat, drink or party too much. People who have not yet been able to quit smoking once and for all. People who work too hard and get too little sleep. They’re successful and they’re smart. They know they have to do something to feel—and be—healthier, stronger and more flexible. But they’re not interested in fads or anything that’s high-impact or extreme.

If you’re anything like them, you want to look good, feel better, and carve out a bit of time for yourself to de-stress.

That’s why we opened this studio with various services under one roof: hot yoga, personal training, nutrition coaching, physiotherapy & more. It’s the ultimate one-stop shop for wellness and feeling good.