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Yoga studio etiquette; an easy-to-follow list for Hot Yoga

Many of our members know exactly what they’re walking into when coming to Healthletica. As a refresher for regulars and a briefing for newcomers, we created an easy-to-follow list for hot yoga. Take a look and enhance your yoga experience.


  • Arrive at least 5 minutes prior to class; give extra time if it is your first time or you need to pay
  • Remove your shoes at the front door
  • Remember to sign in with your ID tag
  • Store all personal belongings (bags, clothing, keys, silenced phones, etc.) in the change room
  • Maintain silence once you have entered the practice room
  • Lay your mat down quietly
  • Breathe and listen to your body; you can always lie down in savasana or child’s pose at any time
  • Hydrate before and after class
  • Ask the instructor questions before or after class
  • Many people are scent sensitive, so try to avoid the use of any perfumes or strong scented creams
  • Leave at least 1 hour between consuming food and practicing yoga.

THANK YOU. We want you to sweat, relax and have fun!

What to bring:
  • A yoga mat (if you don’t have one, you can rent or buy one from us)
  • A water bottle (we have a filtered water tap where you can fill up)
  • A towel (to wipe off your sweat)
  • A smile (because yoga at Healthletica is fun!)

Do you slip on your mat during your yoga practice?

We recommend trying one of our yoga mats designed specifically for the hot yoga environment. Slipping on your mat is dangerous and can lead to injury. We want everyone to be safe in their yoga practice. Speak to one of our front desk staff about a hot yoga mat that is right for you.

Please note that we sell and rent yoga mats and towels.  Mat rental: $2, Towel rental: $2