Yoga Schedule

Private yoga at Healthletica

Private yoga sessions are designed based on your individual needs and offer gentle hands-on instruction.

Personalized classes provide detailed instruction to develop and deepen your yoga practice at your own pace and own style.

Private yoga sessions and classes are held in our small private studio (or large studio for group private) with all amenities and props provided.

Private yoga sessions/classes are 60 minutes.

Private Session (1:1) — $100/session OR 3 Private Sessions for $255 (that’s $85/session)
Semi Private (2 people) — $75 per person/session
Group Private (4+ people) — $160+/session (price varies based on total number of people)

Private yoga at your workplace or home

We’ll bring yoga to you, so you don’t have to spend time travelling to us!

Workplace or home yoga can be done in your personal office, conference room, living room or any other room where there’s space to roll out as many yoga mats as needed.

You choose the time that fits you and/or your employees best (early morning yoga, lunch time yoga, after work yoga) and one of our qualified instructors will be there to lead you through an awesome yoga flow.

Private yoga sessions/classes are 60 minutes.

Workplace/Home Private Session (1:1) — $120/session
Workplace/Home Group Private — $180+/session (price varies based on total number of people.)