Class Schedule

Private Pilates at Healthletica

One-On-One Pilates

Private sessions are an excellent way to learn proper technique, form, and alignment. Regardless of your age, physical fitness, or skill level, we will create a plan perfectly suited to your needs. No experience necessary.

Partner Pilates

Private Pilates provides a great opportunity to bond with someone close to you while getting personalized sessions made to suit both of your levels. A fun and healthy activity to do with a partner!

Work/Team Pilates

Our bodies were not designed to sit for long hours at a desk or in front of a computer screen. To boost workplace morale and promote healthy competition, book a Private Pilates class as a great team building activity!

Bachelorette Pilates

Want to celebrate the bride in a way she’ll never forget? Treat her and the bridal party to a fun Private Pilates class! With a class customized to your needs and wants, this is a great activity to incorporate into your bachelorette party.

Birthday Pilates

If you’re planning a party and want to do something unique, Private Pilates offers something for everybody at all ages, so you can be sure that all your guests will have an awesome time celebrating.

Family Pilates

Looking for a way to spend some quality time with your family? Bring them to Private Pilates! Our instructors can cater to all levels and ages, providing a safe and welcoming environment for you and your family.

Private 1:1 pilates sessions/classes are held in our unheated private studio and are 60 minutes in length. Individual sessions and packages are available for private 1:1 pilates. Group private classes are held in our large studio (heated or unheated). Price varies depending on number of people, time in studio and studio temperature. Please contact us at

Private Pilates at your workplace or home

We’ll bring pilates to you, so you don’t have to spend time travelling to us!

Workplace or home pilates can be done in your personal office, conference room, living room or any other room where there’s space to roll out as many mats as needed.

You choose the time that fits you and/or your employees best (early morning, lunch time, after work) and one of our qualified instructors will be there to lead you through an awesome pilates class.

Contact us at for more information.

Interested in trying a pilates class at Healthletica? View our online schedule and book a class!

  • Don't let the distance discourage you, move one step at a time, one day at a time and one goal at a time. 🪜

Never forget that every step counts. No matter how long the road to what you seek is, the destination will be worth it. 🌕

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  • What's better than doing Pilates? Doing Pilates with friends! 👯‍♀️

At Healthletica, we believe that fitness is more fun when you share it with others. That's why we offer group classes that are suitable for all levels. 🙌

Whether you want to improve your core stability, strength, balance, or coordination, our Pilates classes will help you achieve your goals in a supportive and friendly environment. 😊

So grab your besties and join us for Pilates classes at Healthletica. You'll be amazed by how good you feel afterwards. 💕

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  • Who says you can't treat yourself and stay healthy at the same time? 🍫🍷

Our handmade charcuterie boards are the perfect way to enjoy some delicious snacks and indulge in some self-care. 😍

Each board is made from natural wood and has a cute heart-shaped handle. 💕

Plus, they have fun and witty engravings that will make you smile. 😂

Available at Healthletica! 🧘‍♀️

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  • Empowering backs to bounce back! 💪 

Healthletica's physiotherapy team is here to guide you on the journey to a pain-free and resilient back. Let's restore strength, flexibility, and overall well-being together. 💚

👉🏻 Our next physiotherapy assessment is on March 2nd! DM or email us to book your assessment.

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  • What makes doing yoga and pilates with a partner, friend or family member so great? You can support each other’s goals AND have fun at the same time!
When you commit to an activity with someone close to you, the bond you share is strengthened. By choosing to go to a yoga or pilates class together, you can:

- keep each other accountable 👯‍♀️
- push each other to do your best 💪
- motivate each other to reach your goals ✅

Plus, studies show that exercising with a friend produces more serotonin, making you both happier!
For the month of February we're featuring our Month-to-Month Membership for TWO, for just $210/month! This is the perfect opportunity for you to share your wellness practice with someone close to you.
This membership gives you the lowest rate on unlimited classes at Healthletica. You'll be saving $20 per person/month when compared to our regular month-to-month membership!
If you are interested in this unique featured membership, DM us to learn more or visit to get started!
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