Yoga Schedule

Healthletica is a yoga studio with a difference.

What we aren’t is as important as what we are.

We’re not a traditional yoga studio that just cranks up the heat a couple of times a day, causing the humidity in the room to rise along with the heat. We’re not a conventional hot yoga studio that raises room temperatures so high only one in five people return after their first class. And we’re definitely not a fitness club that thinks nothing of subjecting yoga classes to the jarring distractions of loud aerobics classes and equipment rooms nearby.

We’re professionals who “get it.” We’ve spent much time practicing many styles of yoga. With our combined years of experience and research into exercise physiology, we know what the ideal conditions are for hot yoga classes and we’ve invested heavily in creating them in our custom-built facilities. We’ve ensured that our thermal and air exchange systems provide exceptional control of temperature and humidity, not only for your comfort, but for your safety and hygiene, as well as to ensure that you achieve superior results in heat that is tolerable, not extreme.