Yoga Schedule

A practitioner of Yoga is someone who accepts that it is an individual journey, one of self-awareness and self-acceptance. For many people Yoga may be just a form of exercise and stretching, for others it may be meditation and breathing and for others it can be a way of living. For me the most important part of my Yoga practice has been connecting to my true inner self and gaining an understanding of who I am, creating a sense of true self-acceptance.

Some days your body may want a challenging practice, other days a gentle practice and maybe sometimes just breathing. Whatever you are doing, know that it is where you’re meant to be because of your yogic path. Going inwards can be challenging and difficult as there is so much outside noise all around us that clouds our minds. Once you connect inwards you learn and become aware of what makes you special. With your focus inwards you begin to understand your path in Yoga and in life, but it is only when you fully accept yourself that you can appreciate this inner wisdom to know you are where you are meant to be.

Self-acceptance can happen at many different levels and areas of our lives. Self-acceptance of your physical being, emotional being and your mental being is all about gaining true awareness of yourself. Once you have an understanding of yourself and really listen to your true inner self, you can live your life with greater ease and be more at peace. Through Yoga I have developed an open mind and an open my heart. Every day I try to lead my life with an open heart.

– Michelle Gravina, Yoga InstructorΒ 

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