Yoga Schedule

Yoga is able to help you expose and become conscious to key components in the human body. These include joints, ligaments and muscles that are non-conventionally exercised to the regular athlete. Every day you either hear about a boxer, UFC fighter, hockey or soccer player being injured from as little as a sprained ankle to a broken bone and even a torn muscle.

β€œStudies have demonstrated that resistance exercise maintains bone mass. Accordingly, it is reasonable to conclude that the various healthy stresses that yoga practice applies across the bones may aid in strengthening the bones. The bone skeleton link together at the joints and act as levers for the muscles that cross the joints. Consciously contracting and relaxing these skeletal muscles moves the body into the various yoga postures.”– Ray Long, MD, FRCSC.

Throughout each type of yoga practice you are able to strengthen joints, ligaments and your muscles through vigorous movements that require tremendous endurance. Within my four years of Muay Thai and Yoga the two have intertwined perfectly. My capabilities in the martial arts have been growing smoothly with no current injuries. With supreme endurance, flexibility and balance I have been able to take my game to a whole new level.

David Ruffolo, Yoga & Muay Thai Practitioner

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