Yoga Schedule

Ahhh summer, a time to relax, enjoy the weather and socialize with friends. It’s also a great time to maintain, develop and even deepen your yoga practice.

Yoga is a perfect complement to all your summer time activities such as tennis, golf and gardening. These activities tend to use your body in asymmetrical ways. Yoga helps to create balance within your body and most importantly with your mind. A yoga class is like a total body alignment, in addition to focusing on principles of meditation and relaxation.

Are your kids home for the summer or will family be visiting for an extended period of time? After a busy day of swimming practices, visits to the park and constant requests for food, you deserve some “me” time. Calm your nervous system, lower your blood pressure and improve your mood with a yoga class.

Get out of the heat and into the heat – SAY WHAT??!! It may sound crazy but remember the benefits of hot yoga. Hot yoga helps to detoxify your body. Your skin feels amazing. Your muscles, ligaments and tendons are more pliable. You connect more with your breath as you workout in the heat; this challenge also helps to develop your ability to handle challenging situations in life.

TV in the summer sucks! How many reruns can you watch? Don’t lose all the benefits you’ve worked so hard to gain from September to June. Set yourself a goal to deepen your practice. You will sleep better, feel improved posture, and continue to notice improved body awareness and muscle tone.

Share your interest in yoga with your friends and family. Challenge someone you care about to try something that they may never have tried.

Ruth Laing, Hot Yoga Instructor at Healthletica

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