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Often at this time of the year, we reflect on the past and then look to the future. When thinking of the past, sometimes our thoughts drift to where we want to make changes in our lives. The changes we want to make are to improve ourselves and our family. We want to get healthier, lose weight, try a new eating plan, and change a habit or remove clutter from our lives. Some of these changes are simple and easier than others but most often it requires a lot of effort and energy.

Why is change so difficult? We are comfortable in our patterns, we have learned that the route we have been taking does not require a lot of work, and we glide through our day to day with ease. Making change is hard, it requires strength and perseverance. Starting up a fitness routine, challenges your body, but also your mind, how easy is it to talk yourself out of going to yoga, going for a walk or going to the gym? You really want to go, but as the day progresses you come up with a myriad of excuses not to go – however if you listened to your voice deep within you know that going for that exercise is best for you. Listen to that voice.

Modifying your diet or starting a new eating plan can be difficult. Within a family it is easier to make foods that are quick and easy, but is this the best option for our bodies? We know it is not, but let’s not be too hard on ourselves if the plan does not work 100%, forgive yourself and then make those changes you need, slowly.

Finally, letting go, it is hard to let go of the articles that are the physical side of life, we know that if you have not used something after a year, donate it, but how often when cleaning out our belongings, we think to ourselves –“one more year I will keep _______” , then another year passes, how long have we held onto material objects that are really of no value to us anymore, think about how this article could be donated and used by someone whom really needs ______ and would receive real joy and a practical use. Letting go of our past and looking to the future is where we should focus our lives, past emotions are very strong, cherish the positive ones, let go of the negative, move forward and allow you to transform yourself.

Pat Binnie, Yoga Instructor at Healthletica

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