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This story is ending and a new one about to begin. What remains in your life after the blood moon eclipse is meant to be there….for now.

July 27th marks a much anticipated event for scientists and mystics alike. The longest lunar eclipse of the century, an enchanted red blood moon, full moon, Mars on a close approach to Earth goes retrograde, and all of this in the constellation of Aquarius. July’s full moon is also called the Thunder Moon, Buck Moon or Hay Moon.

Historically, seeing “blood” on the moon was something to be feared. Today, we know that it’s actually refracted light from the Sun. Nothing scary about that, right?

Spiritually, the event is expected to awaken our inner Warrior, stir our Karmic wind, take from us what we have refused to give up and propel us towards change.

Mars and the moon will form a conjunction in Aquarius, merging the powers that each possess. Here, the Moon represents clarity, reflection, desire; Mars our anger, aggression or passion in Aquarius, the sign of social consciousness, revolution, inspiration, change. Since Mars is retrograde our passionate anger at the injustices in our lives or the world may turn to compassion-the place where change is truly born.

Eclipses always signify change and the powerful changes expected at the blood moon eclipse can be heart wrenching if one does not practice release. My blog often talks about release, letting go, and relinquishing control. And although the concept may be simple, it is not easy.

There is a Zen saying, “When he comes we welcome. When he leaves we do not pursue”

The effects of the eclipse can last up to three months.

Here is what you can do in your own practice of release:

1. Stop criticizing yourself-right now

2. Stop finding fault in others

3. Stop reacting-stay centered and let conflicts live out their own lives

4. Have a Spiritual Bath- Water is a medium that can transfer energy. Use 3-4 cups of Dead Sea salts, Epsom salts or a few drops of lavender, peppermint or eucalyptus essential oil in the water to cleanse the spiritual body. A shower will cleanse your aura just as well. Breathe deeply, feel how ancient the water is-as old as time itself, recycled, rebirthed. Let the water absorb all your pain, grief, negativity, guilt. Imagine each emotion going into the water and being carried down the drain. Feel the water’s strength, depth and purity. Feel the water surround you and comfort you. Emerge from the water now, cleansed, renewed, reborn.

You can find info on the science behind the eclipse here.

– Written by Pina Marino, Self-Care Educator

For help and support during these events, you can find Pina at the studio or email her at

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