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Yoga is a science and one of the original systems used to study the body. For over 5,000 years, it has been successfully referenced by many other disciplines. In ancient times, it was at the heart of a warrior’s preparation for the battlefield.

It’s difficult to walk into a yoga studio these days especially if you think you’re not flexible, and especially if you are a man coming into a female dominated space. Ironically, yoga was developed centuries ago by men. It historically has been practiced primarily by men. In the last century, coming on in the 1960s, a modern form of yoga became feminized.

Why men should practice yoga

  • Build strength, endurance, mobility
  • Increase muscle mass, decrease fat mass
  • Relieve stress
  • Improve focus & concentration
  • Boost sexual performance
  • Improve athletic performance

You do not have to be flexible to practice yoga. That’s like saying you are too hungry to eat or too thirsty to drink water.  It’s not about having pre-requisite, it’s more about having the desire to learn … a beginner’s mind … Shoshin.

The nature of the battlefield may have changed over the centuries, but throughout its history, yoga has remained a practical pathway towards improving performance as it enhances the body’s natural ability to perform to its highest level.

Yoga is a serious addition to any athletic training and a powerful practice on its own, and can help you;

  • improve balance
  • decrease muscular pain and discomfort
  • feel energized
  • feel stronger and experience greater agility
  • have more control and confidence in how you move
  • manage stress
  • sleep better
  • have greater concentration
  • have performance strategies to survive in modern times

Article written by Glenn Burke, yoga instructor at Healthletica.

Join us at Healthletica

Healthletica offers a 6-week yoga for men series that is specifically designed for inflexible men new to yoga. This series takes place a couple times a year. Contact us to learn more.

Healthletica also offers private yoga sessions for men. Private sessions are an ideal way to develop a personal practice. Our highly-qualified yoga instructors will create an individualized experience to match your unique needs, goals, and abilities. Contact us to get started!

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