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Part 2 of my journey

I thought changing my eating habits in the first portion of this process was tough. Knowing what I know now, it was relatively easy, based on the physical workout I faced in the weeks and months ahead.

In my 50’s, weighing 217 lbs., having no dedicated exercise routine – with the exception of yoga on the rare occasion – my body is inflexible, and I’m not able to see my toes past my stomach. I doubted there would ever be a point in my life that I would actually be able to touch them.

My once-a-week training program with Rosie begins. The workout room has large mirrors, a visual reminder, and I can’t stand looking at myself. I have no confidence at all.

Rosie’s non-judgmental, gentle and encouraging support get me through the first session. I leave questioning my abilities – I can barely hold my own in a plank position for 20 seconds, I have no balance at all, and I didn’t realize my strength was at an all-time low. My knees are hurting.

I remind myself I quit smoking 7 years prior – a major step in working toward a healthier me – and I’m thankful I don’t have to contend with all the health issues associated with that habit.

I go home tired and collapse into bed.  Two days after the initial workout, I can barely move, my body is so out of shape.

Committed and determined, I do go back the next week, and the weeks following.

At month end, the positive changes in both my body shape and weight start to appear, encouraging and exciting me. I receive the first of many before and after pictures. The change in weight and posture is evident.

My program continues to change and progress in the weeks and months ahead. I become stronger and much more flexible; the planks that were such a nightmare are now easier, so much so, side planks with a dip have been added to the workout. And those toes that seemed so out of reach months ago – I can touch them now!

Wow! I can’t believe I’m doing this! I eagerly anticipate the further changes to my body. Friends and family are noticing the positive changes also. It’s been a very long time since I felt anyone took notice of me, and it feels good, really good. My confidence builds and I don’t shy away from the mirrors in the workout room anymore! I like what I see staring back at me!

At the eighth month mark, my arms are showing clear definition, leg muscles I never knew existed have formed, and I’m wearing clothing I haven’t worn in over 5 years! There’s no longer any extra weight to cover up or conceal under bulky clothing, and the idea of clothes shopping is actually exciting.

In the eleven months since I started this amazing journey, I have successfully achieved all the goals I set for myself in October of 2015. Even during a medical condition that put me off work for a while, my program was mortified to deal with this condition so that I could continue my journey. Thanks to the knowledge, experience and training from both Rosie and Jennifer.

Now it’s time to set new goals. With Rosie and Jennifer’s continued support and guidance, I know I will crush them as well.

My training program is now completely different than when I first started. Free-weights chin ups, and squats on an equipment ball to improve balance have been introduced. My balance is now off the charts, I’m much more able to focus and concentrate, and my confidence levels continue to increase.

I’m 60 lbs. lighter and continue to shed more pounds as I work toward my second goal weight. My body continues to reflect positively, all the hard work and training completed these past months. I’m now so flexible, I’m able to touch my toes, and kiss my knees! It’s truly amazing what can be accomplished with sheer determination, and, great coaching and endless support from my personal trainer, Rosie. I could not have done this without the support and encouragement from you and so many others; Jennifer, my family and friends.

Finally, I’m so proud I made the decision to put myself first and do something solely for me. If you are at the point in thinking about getting yourself to a healthy state, I strongly encourage you to take this journey – it’s one you won’t regret. I’m the happiest I have been in years.

I couldn’t have asked for more professional, compassionate, or amazing two women than Rosie and Jennifer. Their motivation pushed me to take the first, and every step afterward along this incredible journey. Our relationship is one that will be carried for a lifetime.

Thank you Rosie, Jennifer, and all the staff at Healthletica – you are an amazing group of people.

– Cheryl Rowsell, October 2016

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