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The Summer Solstice occurs when one of the Earth’s poles is tilted towards the sun. For those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere, it happens in June and marks the beginning of summer.  June 21, 2019 will be the longest day of the year for us and we will likely see about 15 hours of daylight.  The farther north you go, the longer the day will be. If you are near the Arctic Circle, the sun will not set at all for 24 hours.

The full moon was June 16.  It was called the Strawberry Moon by the Algonquin tribes of North America as it was the time for harvesting wild strawberries.  It is also called the Rose Moon or the Hot Moon in other parts of the world.  The moon is so beautiful, but today, our focus is the Sun.

Energetically, on June 21, we will be bathed in the Sun’s full power-everything will be brought to light.

Without the Sun, there would be no life.  The power, life force energy and illumination provided by the   Sun will guide us to look at the areas of our lives that have been hidden.  Its brilliance will encourage us to step out of the shadows and be seen by the world.

June is the halfway mark in the year.  It is a time to stop and reflect on the direction you are going and if necessary, to adjust course.  What did you resolve to do at the beginning of the year?  Where are you with your goals? What do you need now to manifest them?  How can you accomplish your desires?

There is so much time left in 2019 to build the bridge to your dreams.  The Summer Solstice gives us that boost of power and that surge of energy we need to complete our goals and to get to work on creating whatever it is that we desire.

Don’t give up.  Honour your body, mind and spirit.  Believe in your goals. Connect with your own life force energy when practicing Sun Salutations. This is a powerful time for manifesting.  Give thanks to the light, adjust your course and get the work done.

Written by: Pina Marino

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