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If you haven’t already heard it in a class, the breath is the most important part of your yoga experience, no matter what type of yoga you practice.

The breath fills you up with Prana, or Life Force. It can heal, it can cleanse our impurities, and it can support every other system in our bodies. The breath relaxes the body, it calms the mind, it increases lung capacity, and it can strengthen the immune system.

It is a fundamental part of your yoga practice to alleviate the symptoms of stress. Those deep, full breaths that you’re told to take in class relieve stress better than anything else. Just inhale and exhale and you begin your healing process, and best of all, it’s free and it’s available to you anywhere and anytime!

If we can relax the body, the mind will follow suit and move into a more focused state of being. And when the mind is still and present, our emotions come into balance. Therefore, the best way to achieve a body, mind and spirit connection is to start with the breath or to just breathe.

– Rita Blandi, Yoga Instructor at Healthletica

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