Yoga Schedule

Spring is here and with the longer days I find myself drawn to the garden. Gardening has always provided me with a great sense of pleasure but also a certain amount of pain. Long hours spent bent over cleaning, pruning, digging and planting leave my muscles and joints aching. But something changed this year!

In November I joined hot yoga at The Healthletica Bolton studio. Wanting to escape cold frosty nights I decided to give it a try and little did I know the impact my practices would have. I have been taught many things in the last five months but I never thought I would bring yoga into the garden!

Clearing my mind, keeping my core strong and counter balancing long held positions have enhanced every essence of the feelings I get while spending hours in the garden. Not to mention, this spring for the first time in over 20 years I am virtually pain free!

Thank you to all the wonderful people at Heathletica for their kindness and patience and for inspiring in me a renewed passion for growth within the garden and myself.

– Written by: Cindy Barratt

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