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I joined Healthletica Hot Yoga + Wellness with my sister a few weeks ago and although I work out everyday (DVDs mostly), I was still a little nervous to try it out. I bought a yoga mat, a one month membership, and some new workout clothing to ensure that my month of yoga would be perfect. I’m only five classes in and I have to tell you guys… I LOVE IT. The heat always takes a little time for me to get used to but before I know it I’m so into the poses that the heat is the last thing I’m concerned about. It’s a good heat though, you sweat like crazy but feel clean afterwards.

A word of caution: yoga is hard. I’m finding it super difficult to hold some of the poses, when it comes to Vinyasa flows my arms cramp up and I end up in Child’s pose. The great thing about yoga is that it’s a challenge and I always feel sore the next day. Each class my body has reacted differently, some days my balance is great, others it’s not, some days I can hold a pose or touch my feet when I stretch, other days not so much. Yoga is work but it makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something and I kinda like that.

Healthlectica offers a variety of yoga classes. The instructors are kind, helpful, and mindful of each person in the class. They could tell that my sister and I were newbies so each of them took the time to help us improve on our poses, balance, and core strength. We went for a mid-afternoon class the other day and found that we were the ONLY ones there (I guess most people have jobs or something). It was like a private class and probably my favourite one so far. Our instructor, Sophia, altered the class to help us work on what we needed to, she taught us how to modify certain poses because of our weaknesses (and our bottom heaviness), and even took some time at the end of class to chat with us, to get to know us, and to give me some advice on how to sleep better at night.

My favourite pose is Shavasana, which is how each class starts and ends. You lay down on your mat, eyes closed, feet parted and relaxed, hands out to the side, steadying your breathing. Sometimes I nearly fall asleep, other times I just empty my mind, I focus on my breath and try to be present in the moment. Yoga has been amazing for my anxiety and stress levels, I feel more centred and focused. Also, my skin looks great, it’s soft and smooth and practically blemish free.

As I said, I’m only five classes in but I am already feeling healthier, happier, and more motivated than I’ve been in a long time. If you’re in the Bolton area check out Healthlectica Hot Yoga + Wellness, if not, I am sure you can find a hot yoga studio near by. Let me know if you try it out!

– Vanessa Grillone, member at Healthletica

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