Yoga Schedule

A chiropractorโ€™s goal is to restore the body back to its normal function. We do this by treating the muscles and joints that are associated with the spine. Many people experience pain and dysfunction due to a variety of reasons. They may lead a sedentary lifestyle or be sitting at a desk typing away day after day or over work their muscles in the garden.

The first example is a huge problem in our society. Our bodies were designed to MOVE. When we do not, we develop muscle weakness, joint stiffness and consequently pain. I can help with that but my treatments will only be a band aid for the problem. The pain and stiffness will come back.

For the second example, if you do the same activity every day, in the same range, eventually you will get a breakdown in tissue and consequent inflammation and pain. My treatments can help to reduce the pain and inflammation but you need to be actively involved in order to achieve the best results.

Lastly, anyone can experience a muscle strain or joint sprain by gardening too long or twisting the wrong way but what can be done to minimize that? What activity can help my patients that experience these sprains and strains recover faster?

The answer is yoga. Yoga helps my patients lead a more active and healthy lifestyle, they get injured less and they recover quicker. With yoga you are strengthening your muscles, improving your mobility and stability. Many people experience pain and find themselves getting injured with minimal activity because their bodies are not used to moving. Your muscles and joints need to be active in a full range to strengthen the tissues that are responsible for mobility and support. Practicing yoga can help you achieve this and that is why I recommend yoga to all of my patients.

Dr. Ted Niejadlik, Chiropractor

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