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Fitness Classes with Angela Wallace

TRX Pilates

Pilates is a system of exercises designed to improve flexibility, posture, physical strength and the mind-body connection. Pilates has an emphasis on core strength, which includes the abdomen, oblique’s, glutes, inner thighs, and lower back. It’s low impact, but a challenging total body workout that uses tension within the body to strengthen and stretch muscles. Pilates improves your posture while creating strength in your body and a lean toned shape.

TRX suspension training is a full body strength workout that uses your own body weight instead of machines or dumbbells. The workout is centered around core strength and challenges endurance and cardio.

TRX Pilates combines these two amazing workouts into a fun and challenging core focused class.


Barre is a ballet inspired class that uses concepts from pilates, yoga, and functional fitness training. What’s incredible about this workout is how hard it is on your muscles, but easy on the joints (making it suitable for all fitness levels).

When doing barre regularly you will notice improvement in your posture, core strength, glutes and leg definition. After each class you will feel stretched, strengthened and amazing all over.

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Mom & Baby Pilates

A 45 minute class with your little one. Dedicated to toning your body with a specific focus on restoring core strength.

Babies must be at least 8 weeks to participate, carriers are encouraged, but not required.

Prenatal Pilates

A 60 minute classes dedicated to keeping you strong during pregnancy and prepping your body for the hard work of labour. All core exercises are safe for pregnancy and focus on building strength to help with labour, but also postpartum healing.

All trimesters welcome.

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